Monday, August 26, 2013

Never ending body work

The amount of welding is sickening and I still have plenty of holes left to fill.  Trying to switch between filler work and metal work to keep me from getting burnt out.  Status as of 8/26/13, moving so slowly.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wiring Part 1

I've been out of it lately but I did put in a few hours today.  It solely consisted of fabbing up the hole for the Mil-Spec Connector.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Build Up Part 3

Spent about 4 hours on the project today and managed to get the bar completely welded in, painted the interior firewall and setup the ECU bracket on the proper side.  Now that the firewall is done I almost feel that the project could be finished in months rather than years.  I'm so sick of grinding, welding, rinse, repeat.  Want to start assembling.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Build Up Part 2

Okay I have neglected the project and this site over the winter but I finally started to get the ball rolling over the past couple of weeks.  Since my last post I have finished the firewall welding/deleting the unused holes.  Painted the inside and prepped some of the engine bay for paint.  I also got the pedals installed.  That required a bit of fabricating brackets as naturally there were none on the right hand side and the shape of the cowl was different.  That took about a day worth of messing around.  Today I got the front deck crossmember removed from the donor along with a majority of the interior wiring harness.  I'll need to weld two studs to the right hand side for the wire harness mount but other than that I was surprised that it went in the same way it came out.

Mostly smoothed.  AC & Heater delete along with a few other extra non essential holes were smoothed.  Need to hit it with some filler as it looks rough :/

Ignore the ugly welds :o
 Rather than spreading the chassis to get the front deck crossmember out I just cut it and it will be welded back together.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Build Up Part 1

Okay I left out all the fun in cutting the firewall out of the Evo donor and skipped straight to the fun stuff.  I should have in hindsight done things a tad bit differently in terms of cutting stuff.  Overall I still have a bit more to go before I start welding it in place.  I still plan on welding shut the A/C and heater holes and reloacting the main wire harness hole, so that it is not so visible.  Its amazing how much grinding, cutting, fittings, repeat, that has gone on so far.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Tear Down Part 6

I had a decent amount of time to work on the car today.  Unfortunately, I spent half of it cleaning up my messy work space as I was tired of tripping over tools and parts.  I sanded down a lot of the spot welds and nearly have the donor firewall area the way I want it.  The top of the firewall is spot welded in so there was a lot of spot weld cutting, grinding and yelling (I got metal in my eyes more than once).  Note to self: removing upside down spot welds is even less fun than vertical ones.  Basically I will drill out all the top spot welds on the Evo and cut the same amount from the bottom and then just trim it at the same time for the sides.  This should keep the firewall lined up nicely.  Also spent more than I wanted to at JNZ tuning today, thanks to those guys for some great customer service and pricing:  (215) 997-6850  I also bought a few miller tools for when all my parts come in for easy installation.  I should have a few hours to work on it tomorrow as well.
Firewall to frame support removed and spot welds sanded down

Firewall to frame support removed and spot welds sanded down (Other side)  You can see how I'm removing secions of the firewall at a time. 

A view from below shows the bottom of the cowl where the firewall used to be attached with a series of spot welds

Friday, September 21, 2012

Parts Purchase: 5 lug conversion

I have source a bit of information from various places on the web on converting the stock 4x114.3 lugs to 5x114.3 lugs that are much easier to find 17 inch wheels for.  I may eventually do the complete Brembo Evolution upgrade but for now I will probably just run stock calipers.

I scored a killer deal on the 1g hubs and parts that are needed for the fronts but you can always purchase new with the following part numbers.  You will need the following parts for the front wheels:

I'll post up information on the rears a bit later.